Virtual Residency, 2006/2007

Virtual Residency  - a call for a virtual migration to the model house Europe

International media art project realised within the framework of Luxemburg and Greater Region, European Capital of Culture 2007

Virtual Residency  has been organized by the project group Monika Bohr, Claudia Brieske, Leslie Huppert and Gertrud Riethmüller in close cooperation with the Gallery Biala in Lublin (PL) and Faux Mouvement, Centre d'Art Contemporain in Metz (F).
The Virtual Residency was supported amongst other sponsors by the ZKM in Karlsruhe, the organizers of the Luxembourg and Greater Region European Capital of Culture 2007 project, as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Saarland, the office of the plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany (Saarland) and other sponsors and partners. The project executing organization was the HBK Saar - School of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken.

The dramatic European transformation processes of the last fifteen years have been the catalyst for the multimedia and exhibition project the Virtual Residency  of the media artists Monika Bohr, Claudia Brieske, Leslie Huppert and Gertrud Riethmüller. The project group was calling on artists world wide to participate in a virtual ‘’migration’’. The project initiated a creative transit of images, motives and concepts through the World Wide Web to real exhibition venues in Europe.

The artistic experiment the Virtual Residency  uses the examination of the states of personal and collective destabilization as the actual, powerful engine of the migration movements. Hope, fear, dreams, necessities, distress and the wish and the will for change generate individual images. They are examples, ‘’samples’’ or patterns for migration motives. Through the virtual projection screen of the project, its Internet platform, they receive a direction, they will be made visible and find a domicile. There, on behalf of their creators, they become virtual residents.

The project group enabled a part of the virtual residents to materialize their ideas and concepts in reality. Based on the ‘’sample character’’ of the concepts that had been submitted to the Virtual Residency, the group has developed an approach to realize the ideas as real multimedia installations in various exhibitions in Europe, so called ‘’model houses’’. One associates the term ‘’model house’’ with a collective image of the paradise. It is a pure place, a white place, a vessel, at the same time a ‘’void’’, a ‘’blank space’’, a place without it’s own character, without personality. Thus, the ‘’model house’’ is the ideal projection screen for migration motives. Model houses were created from October 2006 in Germany, France, Poland and Luxembourg.