Drei mal Schnuppe? 2018

Observation of crashes and other cosmic events.
Claudia Brieske, Jana Debrodt, Peter Müller

Project: Ortstermin 18/ Hoch hinaus!
Galerie Nord/ Kunstverein Tiergarten in cooperation with Initiative temporäre Kunsträume e.V.


If you want to go high, you usually fall low - nothing stays on top unless it has a permanent place in a rotation system - seen cosmically.

Brieske, Debrodt and Müller examine the impact risk of the meteorite MOA 1 in their multimedia installation at Unionsplatz and the Bar Kallasch. Apparently, the meteorite is moving towards Moabit. According to the previous calculations, Moa 1 could hit on June 1. and the exhausting analysis of this possibility might be overtaken by the incoming event.
Drei mal Schnuppe? is a concertante observation of crashes and other cosmic events.

Outdoor and indoor installation & concert for high notes and falling shooting stars.
Musically, the sound is moving between the 10th up to the 3rd octave of higher frequency radio waves. More falling than rising.