The Rumor of Things, 2019

trailer of the production

>> Baumann | Brieske >> Experimental Noise Opera for a female singer, vocal flash mob, staged image spaces and live electronics

(premiere 2019, Musikfestival Berne)


Franziska Baumann Berne, concept, composition, voice, live electronics
Claudia Brieske Berlin, camera, visual-scenic composition and realisation, video projections
Johannes Schütt ICST Institute for Computer Music, Zurich, sound direction
Stimmflashmob / VocalCargoCollective Chloé Bieri, Franziska Bruecker, Valentin Dreifuss, Ilmars Stern, Lara Süss
Angela Bürger Bern, scenic supervision

Daniel Clénin Berne, in situ installation marble run
Stanislas Pili Berne, percussion sounds
Giulio Gasparoli Berne, light and audio technology
Armand Bäriswyl Berne, historical advising
Dierk Harte Berne, on-site monitoring
Georgina Casparis,, Berne, on-site coordination

Co-production by Musikfestival Berne and Franziska Baumann, performed in the former Swisscom high-bay storage depot.