Kunstraum AVUS, 2008-2010

The "Initiative temporäre Kunsträume e.V." (Temporary art spaces initiative) develops and initiates exhibition projects and events in the urban area of Berlin in cooperation with artists from the fields of modern art, music and dance. Temporary "art spaces" are created at prominent places of the city involving different kinds of perception and disclosing specific space structures.

Our main focus is on places in the stage of transition whose structures of use are disintegrating while new ones have not been produced yet. We act before investors do. We intervene artistically at the in-between stage or the moment of standstill in order to try out new "possibilities of use". Our basic idea is that of a place being regarded as a utopian model of space. We want to evoke a critical discussion on how people live and move in urban space, how they perceive their environment and how they may use places in a self-confident, creative and individual manner for different ways of self-expression. Our association supports the realization of projects relating to specific topics and places in various settings and constellations.

Kunstraum AVUS: www.kunstraum-avus.de
Initiative temporäre Kunsträume e.V.: www.i-t-k-r.org
Project management / Art direction:
Elvira Hufschmid, Jaquline Krickl, Peter Müller, Claudia Brieske

The catalogue "Kunstraum AVUS" was published in April 2013 in E.A. Seemann Verlag, Leipzig.
editors: Claudia Brieske, Elvira Hufschmid, Jaqueline Krickl, Peter Müller