Liquid Souls | Musiktage Donaueschingen 2011


projections on the wall sculpture (photos: Cornelia Brintzinger, Claudia Brieske, Aimé Bobby Klein)

>> Brieske | Baumann

Audiovisual installation and vocal performances – commission by Musiktage Donaueschingen 2011, supported by Pro Helvetia Switzerland

Premiere: Musiktage Donaueschingen 2011
Commissioned by SWR
With the support of Pro Helvetia Switzerland

Claudia Brieske: video projection and scenography, installation in space
Franziska Baumann: voice choreographies and sound composition, voice
Jeannine Hirzel, voice
Andreas Stahel, voice
Jean-Claude Pellaton, voice
Markus Lang, audio and video coordination live


The composition and the space Fischhaus
LIQUID SOULS opens a „space opera“ with dramatic and minimalistic moments; the water, in its symbolic and social significance, orbits its dynamics and mutability as well as its extremes. A gigantic wooden wall, leans on the fish house at the F.F. Schlosspark, conceals on the one hand the neoclassical architecture and on the other hand forms a variable stage sculpture for the four vocalists. Multilayer vocal actions, together with large-format video projections and multi-channel sound installation, provide different perspectives on the matter of water.

Press and Documentation:
SWR - Musiktage Donaueschingen 2011 / Pictures, Videoblog, Interview
Südkurier - 17.10.2011

video documentation of the installation and the performance

Donaueschinger Musiktage 2011 | Videoblog SWR