VOXLabYrinth, 2007/2008

represents an ensemble of seven internationally known vocalists from Swiss and Germany. The ensemble was founded in Berne in fall 2005.

The goal of VOXLabYrinth is to extend the artistic parameters of vocal art beyond established conventions in the field of music theatre and new opera. By means of collaborative work the ensemble seeks to explore and to invent new forms of vocal expression and interaction balancing between the unique expression of the individual vocalist in performance and choreographed patterns of collective sound creation.

Designed as a multi-media event VOXLabYrinth unfolds at the intersection/convergence of vocal life-performance and an assembly of video-projections. A core aspect of the project’s objective is to create an open space where two radically different media – the human voice and the digital world of video projection - and two modes of production – conceptualization/composition and improvisation – meet. In performance space is primarily created by means of vocal sound textures. Mobile projection screens used as visual points of orientation intersect with the fleeting vocal sound scapes. The dimension of acoustics is enhanced, counteracted or but extended by the images of multiple video projections which in turn appear as rhythmical mirror images and vexing reflections of the sound. “Darkness and visible image” correspond as counterpoint to “silence and voiced sound”. The audio-visual impact on the senses triggers unexpected ways of imagination opening up new spheres of experience.

concept: Franziska Baumann
visual art & interaction
: Claudia Brieske
voices & improvisations: Bruno Amstad,Franziska Baumann, Monika Lilleike, Ate Schell, Andreas Stahel, Saadet Türköz, Franziska Welti

Intro | Szene 1