dog show ,1997

"dog show" is  a project on the topic of border crossing or the search and transgression of visible and invisible boundaries.
In the urban area of Paris and in the border region between Poland and the Czech Republic I produced a cycle of objects, drawings, video and sound installations as well as acoustically activated projections. The basic material consisted of a so-called "dog-horn", i.e. a reflex loudspeaker with integrated electronic barking, and an answering machine with a recorded voice saying:
"Vous avez passé une frontière! Approchez-vous avec précaution! N' ayez pas peur!" 

The subject of this project was the real and the virtual appearance (and absence) and the crossing of invisible borders in urban and rural landscapes.

conception, editing & performance: Claudia Brieske
camera & sound: Jean Marie Rohrbacher
photography: Bettina Stöß