Breathing is a business like everything else… 2014

kinetic sculpture at the east side of the dome (photo: Roman Mensing)

Tatort Paderborn - Phänomen Fußgängerzone

Public Art Projekt
29th May - 7st September 2014 in Paderborn

two-part installation

Hollow on the east side in front of the crypt:
mobile sculpture in the shape of two oversized lungs; thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), regulated bellows machine, processed sounds of a horse breathing; approx. 12 x 4.8m, height: approx. 0.7–1.2m

Subterranean parking garage, St. Vincenz Hospital:
regulated 2-channel video projection, processed sounds of a horse breathing; projection 1: approx. 7 x 2.4m; projection 2: approx. 4.4 x 2.4m

Elvira Hufschmid (Berlin, Vancouver): video editing, coordination of the exhibition
Bobby Mari Klein (Wien): camera, colour editing
Joost van der Velden (Berlin): planning, developement, production of the sculpture
Udo Treimetten / TRIACS GmbH (Föhren/ Trier): video technics and installation
Stefan Geerlings/ no problaim GmbH (Wien): production of the sculpture
Kerstin Schulte (Berlin): photography, grafic design, model making
Markus Lang (Berlin): audio engineering and -editing
Nikolaus Wolters (Berlin): electronics, programming
Nils Kortekamp (Gestüt Bon Homme, Werder): support video shoot with horse
Hartmut Welke / Pneumatik Berlin GmbH PTM (Berlin): technical mentoring

The work is supported by Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum Paderborn
Dr. Christoph Stiegemann: director

Dr. Christiane Ruhmann: project management

Exhibition of the installation in a 2nd version in SAARLÄNDISCHE GALERIE – EUROPÄISCHES KUNSTFORUM e.V. vom 29. Oktober – 14. Dezember 2014