fliegenfallen, 1999

The video projection

"fliegenfallen” (flytraps) comprises a video projection and a sound sculpture. In the video a fly tries to escape from a glass while you hear its buzzing and parts of the song "Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt" (The wind told me a song) by Zara Leander as well as wind sounds. Reality, memory but also irony and the allusion to the life-threatening situation of the creature are sub-plots of the main motif: to make air visible by means of an acoustic concentration – buzzing, singing and soughing.
(Text by Jürgen Weichard, in: ‘‘Saarbrücken - Kiel, Kiel – Saarbrücken“, catalogue, 1999)

The sound sculpture

As soon as a person steps between parts of the sculpture, a wind machine is started, and the person finds herself or himself in a situation where the air that is streaming in reality is simultaneously withdrawn at a virtual (acoustic) level. The sound sculpture was realized as part of the performance "Jagdzeit" (hunting season) by Gundi Ellert in the "Theater im Kino" (cinema theatre) in Berlin.
video projection and sound piece (03:45min)