property, 2006-11

Oderbergerstr./ Kastanienallee, Berlin
property  -  ein Gesang auf  das Eigentum
video- and sound installation, 2006-11

Projekt "daheim" - Berlin 17.09.-10.10.2006
Veranstalter: Schaustelle Berlin, Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Galerie O2

A group of Berlin artists took lodgings in a vacant building for three weeks. During that period and before the building was to be completely renovated by its new owner they realized actions and performances that the audience was able to see from a crossroads through the 52 windows of the house. I was invited to stay in the house for 3 days and I developed a sound and video installation at windows on the first and third floor of the building.

A person can be seen who is knocking on the window. Her movements are getting faster and the knocking sounds begin to interfere with each other. After the person has disappeared into the dark the word “property“ is projected on the window in phonetic letters. At the same time a kind of song can be heard. The picture "property" serves as the score of the song whose phonetic interpretation fills the empty rooms of the building.

The installation was develpoed in September 2006 during a workshop with Joan LaBarbara and first presented as a live performance at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin.

Actress in the video + vocal artist: Monika Lilleike
Concept, recording, video and sound editing: Claudia Brieske

"property" was  shown at the following places:

September 2006: as live performance at Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler, Berlin
October 2006: Project "daheim" - at a window  (1st and 3rd floor) of the building at 15 Kastanienallee / 8, Oderbergerstraße, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
November 2007: Exhibition "Prix d’Art Robert Schuman" 2008, Stadtmuseum Simeonstift, Trier
December 2007 - January 2008: at a window of the Palais am Festungsgraben, Berlin
June 2008: as part of the exhibition project "Fenstersprung", PROGR - Zentrum für Kulturproduktion (Culture production centre), Waisenhausplatz 30, Bern (CH)
April - July 2009: "ICI Berlin", La Condition Publique, Roubaix / Lille (F)
August-September 2011: "STUDIOBLAU", Saarländisches Künstlerhaus Saarbrücken
documentation - Oderbergerstr. / Kastanienallee, Berlin