Virtual Borders | videos + drawings 2012

video projection of the cycle Liquid Souls

video projection of the cycle Liquid Souls on the wall of Burgfeste Dilsberg in May 2012 during the international media art project
Virtual Borders + + + travelling lightly + + + mit leichtem Gepäck

I. Liquid Souls II - video projection,  1:13 min
camera, editing: Claudia Brieske
sound: Franziska Baumann
actress: Jeannine Hirzel

II. Wassergrenzenzeichnungen - graphit/ink - graphit/chalk

III. dog show #052012 - video projection, 1:20 min
camera, editing, sound: Claudia Brieske

IV. luftholen – single channel video, 8:20 min
editing, drawings, sound: Claudia Brieske
camera sequenzes with mobil phones: Claudia Brieske, Andrea Weber