Fusstanz, 2002

video projection
The project "Fusstanz" (“foot dance”) deals with the idea of communication structures being shifted at different cultural levels when put into a new context / thus causing new correlations.
The video projection shows a pair of oriental shoes and a person who slips into the shoes and starts with a clumsy tap-dance. In contrast to the eroticism of a belli dance the naked and scrached legs reduce to absurdity a an apparently magical situation.

In the installation an electronical impulse causes a big curtain fixed at the ceiling to drop at a certain moment in the video. There is abundant of curtain cloth, much more than is needed to cover the video projection. It will be a “violent veil” and after the pictures are veiled the sound of the tap-dance continues, becoming faster to show that the “effort” did not stop. A motor will draw up the curtain after a while and the “show” starts again.